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FAQ’s – Bizarius
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  • How to resolve a buyer issue?

    If you are having an issue with a buyer, try contacting them directly to try and resolve your problem. However, if you can’t work things out, we ‘re always here to step in and help. Our top priority is to make sure Bizarius is a safe marketplace for our members.

  • Can I cancel bids and managing bidders?

    As a seller, there are some situations where you can cancel bids that have been place on your auctions-style listings. However, once cancelled, a bid can’t be reinstated. To try to prevent buyers from being disappointed, we discourage the cancelling of bids unless is absolutely necessary. However, you can cancel a bid when: A buyer requests to cancel their bid and you agree. -You have to end the listing early because the item is no longer available for sale. -You made an error in the listing. -You have canceled the bid due to fraudulent buyer. Suggestion: Call, Email the Seller for more information & view the item if it’s possible. All the transactions are made outside Bizarius. Auction is there to help the seller for faster sales and the buyer to get a better price.

  • How to cancel a bid?

    Login first, go to your listings and remove your ad.

  • Provide all your selling terms

    Make sure that any actions of postage are not under Bizarius. You have your own responsibility for any postage arrangements. All terms and conditions are between the seller and the buyer. Bizarius is not responsible for any transactions. Bizarius can suggest possible ways to post your items. Clearly specify any international limits, returns and warranties if you want to post abroad.

  • Can I post abroad?

    Yes, you can. Please read the selling terms.

  • What is a top overview?

    Whether you sell a little or a lot, we have a range of options to help you create and manage your listings effectively and increase your sales.

  • Why pricing is important?

    Listing items at the right price will help you to sell faster. Look around on Bizarius for similar products to get an idea of what other sellers are charging.

  • Select the right selling format

    Use auction-style format when You are not sure of the value of your item and want to sell it quickly Your item is unique or hard to find

  • Use fixed price format when you

    Know the value of your item or the price you want to get for it and also shown up for longer.

  • List the right Category

    Pick the category that’s most referent for your items. Learn more about our different categories.

  • Include high quality pictures

    Take high quality pictures, that will showcase your item. Photograph your item at different angles Include photos of any flows or other parts of your item that a buyer would want to see. Don’t add borders or text to your photos. Don’t use the stock photo as your main picture when using the Bizarius catalogue if your item is not brand new.

  • How the most visited works?

    Bizarius uses the Our Most Visited algorithm- formula to sort listings-considers a number of different factors. These include: How closely the listing materials the buyer’s search terms, how popular the item is, the price of the item.

  • How to optimize the Best match?

    Sellers who follow best selling practices will see their items appear higher in the search results.

  • Create complete and accurate listings

    The more we know about your item, the better we can match it to the buyer searches. Write a clear and concise tittle with correct spelling and not too many characters. Add an accurate description, using product details from Bizarius catalogue. Use high quality photos taken from every angle and show any flows or scratches. You can include up to three photos. If you need more an additional charge is included.

  • What is zero insertion fees?

    Every day, you can add a number of zero insertion fees listings, which means your can add items for sale in many categories. Other fees still apply. Please check subscription table. From time to time we have promotion offers with additional zero & featured listings. Fees for private sellers: No Insertion Fees. Promote your listing: you can use the Featured listing to give greater exposure to the items you ‘re selling. You can get your listing in front of more buyers through the featured category and you are only charged according to your needs.

  • How do I contact the seller?

    First you need to login. Then press “show phone number” on the right side of the ad and the phone number will be shown or you can message the seller.

  • How can I report a product/what should I do?

    Any user can report an ad. If the seller indicates that the product has already been sold but the ad is still there. If the posting is fake and/or seller is a fraud. If the add contains incorrect information. To report an ad, click on the button “Report this ad” on the right side of the webpage with reason and comments. Your complaint will be evaluated and processed in 24 hours.

  • Shall I report a product that has already sold?

    Yes, “Report this ad” under your personal information.

  • Why do I need to verify my phone number?

    To safeguard users from frauds, avoid third party access and ensure all users are real.

  • How do I receive a verification about my ad/code?

    Through your personal email.

  • Can I post ad without creating an account?

    No, you have to create an account by register your personal information. The account will be created automatically.

  • How do I change my email address, phone number, personal information?

    You can change your personal information, city, name and email address every time you post an ad. You can also change your personal information in the login tab, click on profile and then edit your personal information.

  • How to post an ad?

    Press on the +Sell an Item after your registration/login. Then start feeling the ad information, details and user information according to your category that fits to you. Add images: Ads with good bright and high-resolution images are gaining more views.

  • How do I choose the category of my ad?

    Always choose the right category and subcategory for your ad so that it can get the maximum responses.

  • How to choose the right price of my product?

    Before deciding the price, look for similar ads from other sellers and make sure that corresponds to the products or services that are listed in your ad. Do not overprice your product. Be precise and honest for the quality of the product and always specify it in the description.

  • Why my ads need to be checked by a moderator?

    Mandatory check of every ad in order for us to Protect our users from frauds Prohibit and delete illegal content To help users fill in their ad Our website can ensure that all postings are in the correct categories, with right headlines and each user can easily find what he is looking for.

  • Why I can’t see my ad after posting/placing?

    To make sure ads are safe and appropriate for everyone, all ads are processed and approved by the administrator. Usually, it takes about 24 hours. After an ad has been approved, it can be found through the search or in the appropriate category.

  • Has the moderator the right to change my ad description and why?

    Yes, by checking your ad, a moderator can change your description and headline so that it meets our website rules. He will never change the overall meaning. The moderator checks the description, the category, the sub category, the pictures and the overall information.

  • Why has my ad been declined?

    If your ad has been declined you will be provided with a reason sent to your email.

  • Can I post identical ads?

    No, identical products are counted as duplicate and are deleted. You can repost after a 30 days expiration time or use the subscription packages Silver/Gold/Platinum to choose the best plan for you. Do not remove or repost your ad before its expiration date It is prohibited to repost your ad even if you have hidden your old one Do not use the same headlines, images and description for different ads Do not post duplicates in different categories/and or different cities Do not post duplicate ads about the same product or service using different wording in description.

  • What is the subscription package & what is the Bump-Up?

    Here, you can choose 3 different packages where your ad is placed as featured and by using the Bump-Up, your ad will appear on top.

  • How do I delete my ad?

    Once, you have login, select “My Ads” from your profile and then click the “x” on the bottom of the advertisement to delete it.

  • How do I edit my ad?

    Login, select “My Ads” from your profile and then click “Edit this Ad” on the bottom of the advertisement.

  • Where to check how much money is left in my wallet/payments history?

    Each time you buy the subscription package you know exactly how much you are allowed to spend. The same applies for the advertisement packages. Then by checking on your cart you can find out the cart total. The payments are done through pay-pall account.

  • How to top up my wallet?

    Simple, by selecting the best package that fits you.

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